What does financial freedom mean to you?

Accomplish More

You are busy living life.

You’re building your career, raising your family, helping your aging parents, and maybe even finding time to hit the gym. But there’s that nagging feeling…

You should be doing more, right?

Especially with your money. You know you should have a financial plan. You know you should be a smart investor. You know you might be paying too much in taxes, or that you should set up a trust.

There are only so many minutes in a day, but you know these things are important. How can you get them done?

This is where we come in…

Wealth management and financial planning is what we love to do, and it’s what we do every day.

Tull Financial Group is a fee-only advisory firm, and a proud member of NAPFA (National Association of Personal Financial Advisors). We have a fiduciary duty to all clients and act solely in the best interest of our clients at all times.

Partnering with our Certified Financial Planner™ professional and our team of skilled financial advisors can help you accomplish more with your hard-earned money, while you’re living your already full life.

Our Services

Your life is unique, as are your goals, priorities, challenges, and concerns.

Whether you’re navigating your company benefits, a business owner wanting to establish a 401k plan, or you’re trying to strategize how to spend your retirement savings so that you can enjoy life and still have something to leave your kids…we provide customized solutions to successful individuals, families, and small businesses who want to achieve financial freedom and accomplish more.

Tull Financial services include Wealth Management, the ongoing process of managing your investments according to your needs.

Wealth Management

W ealth management is the ongoing process of managing your investments according to your objectives, combined with our specialized services for a variety of financial planning needs such as tax planning, budgeting, purchasing decisions, life transitions, etc. We also collaborate with your accountant, lawyer, and insurance professionals for a holistic approach to managing your life and legacy.
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Tull Financial services include Retirement Planning, helping you answer the question: “Will I outlive my money?”

Retirement Planning

W ill I outlive my money?” We can help you answer this question by establishing your retirement goals, accounting for potential bumps in the road, creating a solid plan, and implementing a withdrawal strategy so that you maintain a comfortable lifestyle. Whether you call it decumulation, drawdown, or retirement income strategy, we specialize in creating plans to help you enjoy a stress-free retirement.
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Tull Financial services include Financial Planning by providing a clear, holistic, and objective view of your current financial situation.

Financial Planning

Our financial plans provide a clear, holistic, and objective view of your current financial situation as it relates to your goals. It also provides the variables to monitor as you work towards these goals. It typically covers cash flow and tax planning, risk management, retirement and investment planning, and estate planning, but can be customized according to your specific priorities and life circumstances.
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Tull Financial services include Meeting with Your Family and Helping You Age Well.

Family Meetings & Aging Well

Healthy family relationships and living your best life are particular passions of ours. As a TFG client, you’ve worked hard to grow your assets. Now make sure loved ones are educated through family meetings on how to continue your legacy. Also, our Certified Senior Advisor (CSA)® can help guide you through financial planning for transitions in your later years.
Read more about Family Meetings & Aging Well.

Our Process


Our very first step is to listen to you, and to establish a clear understanding of what is most important to you and what you want your financial future to look like.

Your initial visit is complimentary. We want to be there for the long-haul, so it’s important to know if we feel comfortable working together. We are able to meet in person, via phone, or online – whatever works best for you. We believe in developing long-term, meaningful relationships that allow us to know our clients and what’s truly important to them.

We are a fee-only firm, and a proud member of NAPFA, the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors. Any fees are always quoted and agreed upon in advance and are clearly disclosed.


Once you feel that Tull Financial comprehends your goals and you have engaged us to create your Financial Plan, manage your Portfolio, or provide another Service, our advisors will equip you with a list of data and documents that will be needed. We may also ask to coordinate with your tax, legal, or insurance professionals to obtain any information relevant to your needs.

When all the data gathering is complete (which may entail a few additional meetings or phone calls), our advisors will assess, assemble, and present your Investment Proposal, Financial Plan, Retirement Projection, or perform the Service you require.


If you are a Wealth Management client, we will meet with you regularly to ensure that you stay on track with your pre-determined financial goals, and to discuss any changes in your life and circumstances.

If you choose to engage us as a one-time service to create your Financial Plan or Retirement Projection, you are always welcome to revisit your Plan with us, and we can review and adjust as you require. This service may result in an hourly or additional fee.

It may seem daunting at first, but the result of having a “roadmap to your financial goals” is worth the paperwork! Our skilled and friendly team will walk you through every step of our process, and we are always available to answer your questions..

We are here for You

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Your initial visit is complimentary.

We want to be there for the long-haul, so it’s important to know if we feel comfortable working together. We are able to meet in person, via phone, or online – whatever works best for you. Thank you for considering a relationship with us – we look forward to meeting you!

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