Investment Philosophy

At the core of our investment approach to manager selection and asset allocation is diligent research. This research-intensive investment process focuses on adding value over the long run in two ways:

First, we use a tactical asset allocation approach that overweights asset classes when we believe they are priced at bargain levels.

Second, our investments within asset classes are chosen based on our extremely thorough due diligence. Our underlying investment philosophy demands that all asset class overweightings and manager allocations be based on a very high level of conviction. We believe that setting the bar high significantly increases the probability of success over a market cycle.

Our asset allocation targets are met using investment managers that we are highly confident will beat a comparable index over the long term. Our manager selection process involves extremely thorough due diligence on the management team, investment process, company culture and performance results.

We select and monitor only a small number of managers in each asset class who we have determined possess an investment process with an identifiable and sustainable competitive edge.