“I love that financial planning is like storytelling... people’s lives and needs are varied and interesting, and we guide them towards a happy ending.”

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Mikki Acedo

Director of Operations & Public Relations

Mikki is skilled in many areas, and that is exactly where she spends the majority of her time … many areas. Mikki earned her Bachelor’s degree in Communications from Regent University, and has enjoyed over ten years of working with Tull Financial Group in various capacities.

As the Director of Operations & Public Relations she gets to combine her organizational savvy with her creative passions. On the Operations side, Mikki ensures that the TFG office runs efficiently by providing direct support to the CEO and managing all back-office administrative needs such as human resources, vendor relations, and employee/department relations. On the Public Relations side, she cultivates the firm’s brand in a variety of ways, from serving as copywriter and editor of blogs and social media posts, to directing photo shoots, videos, and podcasts. She also coordinates our workshops and other public events, and fields all inquiries from outside media outlets.

Her role serves to promote the firm and foster the Team, and allows her to collaborate with Mr. Tull in the area of TFG's business growth and development. Her daily goal is to serve the Team, so that the Team can best serve the Clients.

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Personal Interests: Mikki enjoys watching movies, reading, and writing. She also likes playing outdoors if there aren’t too many mosquitoes, and she loves to dance.

Favorite Food: Avocado

Ideal Vacation Spot: A quiet island in Greece, or exploring ancient historic sites and natural wonders around the world.

Did you know?:  Mikki is constantly in pursuit of warmth. If you ever stop by her office, you'll likely find her huddled next to the space heater -- even in the middle of July!