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The Robin Report

What's Happening With RWT?

Robin Tull likes to practice what he preaches. As someone who seeks to improve life -- whether for his clients, his family, his friends, or himself -- he truly believes in being aware and being involved. As such, he can be found all over our community...from supporting local hospitals to inspiring high school Honor Society students, Robin does his best to share his values and help shape the world around him.


Robin attended Regent’s Executive Leadership Series where the mayors discussed how to chart a successful transportation course for the Hampton Roads Region. He enjoyed visiting with friends Mayor Alan Krasnoff and Commissioner of the Revenue Ray Conner. (March 2012)

Brenda Kuntz, Director of the Chesapeake Regional Health Foundation, along with Chairman Ray Conner, board member Roland Davis, and past Chairman Robin Tull, present a “special” CRHF Gala plaque to Regent University President Carlos Campo, and to Executive Director of Events and University Relations Baxter Ennis, thanking them for their strong support of the 2012 Gala and the CRHF foundation. Dr. Campo was responsible for contacting Arturo Sandoval to perform at this year’s gala, which was an enormous success. (April 2012)


Robin was invited and honored to speak at Atlantic Shores Christian School's National Honor Society event.