Living the Dream

“To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.” (Anatole France, French Writer, 1844-1924)

At Tull Financial Group we encourage our clients of all ages to keep dreaming.  Amidst the realities of wavering stock markets and government “bailouts,” our ability to dream of something better often keeps us going.  We must be able to sense a positive to come—someday, somewhere, somehow—to keep from dwelling on the negatives.  That’s where dreams come in.

And we know, first hand, that living your dreams is possible. Below are stories of clients and friends who, with careful planning, have accomplished at least one of their life goals. We hope you enjoy and are inspired by their stories. And if you’d like to share one of your own, please contact us… we would love to feature your dream-come-true!

Once again Robin Tull pedals out of his comfort zone to take a little 512 mile bike ride through France. More great memories were made as he toured the French countryside with two friends on two wheels over two weeks.

Dick and Arlene Spring, Robert and Nancy Towe, and Charles and Connie Cameron all retired within minutes of each other in central Florida, but their busy lives left little time for this set of siblings and spouses to enjoy each other. Longing for valuable family time, plans began to fomulate. What transpired was an eight day Carnival Cruise to the Caribbean, and some useful travel tips for us!

Our very own Robin Tull got some fresh air while taking a little 700 mile bike ride through Europe from Munich to Vienna. Check out the amazing memories he made with just two wheels, a backpack, and a few friends.

Doug and Sheila Johnson used their extensive boating experience to help make one of their dear friend's dreams come true -- sailing through the islands of British Columbia. Read about their adventure, which included a close encounter with pods of killer whales.

Longing for a little nostalgia and a lot of adventure, Sandy Barton planned her dream trip...driving cross country on the famous Route 66! Read about her quirky journey and her uncanny coincidence with the number 66.